The Amersham and District Philatelic Society Constitution and Rules


1.  This Society shall be known as The Amersham and District Philatelic Society, hereinafter called the Society.


2.  The objects of the Society shall be to stimulate the collection and study of all philatelic material and to provide facilities for collectors and those interested in such material to meet. The Society shall be non-profit making.


3.  The Society may, from time to time, be affiliated to such other Societies, or groups of Societies as the Committee may decide.


4.  The Membership shall consist of:

  1. Ordinary Members who are interested in philately and are 18 years and over at the beginning of the Society’s financial year.
  2. Honorary Life Members who have a record of distinguished service to the Society, or in the opinion of the Committee, to philately generally.

5.  Honorary Life Members shall be elected by the Society in General Meeting and shall be entitled to full benefits of the Society including the right to vote at General Meetings.

6. Ordinary Members shall be approved by the Committee who have the right to refuse any application for membership.

7. The Annual subscription of the Society shall be determined by the Society in General Meeting and shall be due on 1st September in each year. The Committee shall have the right to terminate membership for non-payment of subscriptions by 31st December in any year.


8. The management of the Society shall be vested in a Committee composed of the Officers of the Society (who shall be the President, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer),  and not more than six other members (including the membership, auction and exchange packet secretaries) all to be elected in General Meeting. The Officers and Members shall serve for three year terms and shall be eligible for re-election. At each Annual General Meeting one of the Officers and two of the other Members shall stand for re-election.

9. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy occurring among the Officers and Members, the appointee shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.      

10. Seven days notice of a meeting of the Committee shall be sent to all Committee Members with Agenda. Four Members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum, of whom the President or an Officer shall be one.


11a. The Society shall provide, as far as possible, auctions and a system of exchange packets for Members to buy and sell philatelic material among themselves and to generate revenue for the Society. 11b. A separate bank account shall be opened to hold all such net proceeds of sales so arising on behalf of the sellers.


12a. The Society’s financial year shall commence on the 1st September each year. From 1st September 2023 the preceding financial year shall consist of a 17 month period from 1st April 2022 to 31st August 2023. 12b. The Accounts for the Society for each financial year shall be presented to the Society at the Annual General Meeting after examination and approval by an Independent Examiner. 12c. The Annual General Meeting shall appoint an Independent Examiner who shall not be a Member of the Committee.

13a. General Meetings shall be held at such intervals as the Committee decide, one of which shall be an Annual General Meeting to be held in November from 2023 onwards.

13b. The Society’s preferred method of circulation to Members is by email and only by post to Members who have notified the Honorary Secretary they are unable to receive email. 13c. If circumstances require a General Meeting to be held virtually by Zoom or similar platform (if it is not possible to be held in person) notification and voting shall be carried out as in 13b above.

14. Fourteen days notice of the Annual General Meeting, or an Extraordinary General Meeting, shall be sent, in accordance with rule 13b, to all Ordinary and Honorary Life Members with an Agenda of the business.

15. Five Members present shall form a quorum for a General Meeting, of whom the President or another Officer shall be one and act as Chair. The Chair shall have a second or casting vote if necessary.


16. The Society may be dissolved by a Special Resolution of all Ordinary and Honorary Members in a General Meeting, subject to a two thirds majority, or by default if it is not possible to obtain a quorate of Members.

17. In event of Dissolution, after meeting all debts and liabilities, the assets of the Society shall be disposed of by being gifted to local area philatelic societies or a philatelic organisation.


18. Capital expenditure in excess of £500 shall require consent by way of a Resolution at a General Meeting of Ordinary and Honorary Members.

19. Amendments to these rules shall only be made by a majority of two thirds of Members voting at a General Meeting of the Society.

20. An Extraordinary General Meeting, except as provided by Rule 16, shall be called by the Secretary at the request of at least six members of the Society.

21. The Committee shall have power, at a meeting specially called for the purpose, to investigate any charge made against any Member or to expel a Member whose conduct shall be considered prejudicial to the interests of the Society.

22. The Society uses its best endeavours to comply with the Data Protection legislation.

23. The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules.

Adopted by special Resolution at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Society on 19 January 2023.