Packet Circuit & Competitions

Packet Circuit

Over 50 members participate in four packet circuits covering Amersham and Chesham, Wycombe, Kingshill and Prestwood, and Great Missenden through to Aylesbury.

Packets are started on different circuits and the circuits are also reversed so that members have equal chance of receiving newly issued packets. Buying through the packet is a good way of filling gaps in your collection with a wide range of material on offer including GB, Commonwealth, foreign (old to modern) and thematics and covers. Most of the items are priced competitively.

Collectors accumulate a substantial number of duplicates and unwanted material and the packet offers a good way of selling some off. The club holds a stock of packet books, sold at 20p each to facilitate your sales. In addition we have several contributing to the packet circuit from outside the local area which helps to maintain a vast variety of items for sale. For further information please contact the Packet Secretary.


Our Annual society Competition will be held on 29th April 2021 and is open to all members. The competition is divided into a number of categories to encourage participation for all levels of experience. The details of the various competitions and the rules are listed below.

Rules for Society’s Annual Competition (Revised January 2020)

The Society’s competitions will take place at one of the Meetings during the Society’s season and will consist of six disciplines or classes.

STAMPS   9 sheet competition for the award of the New Chiltern Cup.

Entries into the Stamp Class will be of adhesive, imprinted or embossed postage stamps,   used and unused, including singles or multiples, stamps used on cover and postal stationery.

POSTAL HISTORY   9 sheet competition for the award of the Greenhill Trophy.

Entries into the Postal History class may include all forms of postal documents, markings,    routes and rates.

THEMATIC/OPEN CLASS   9 sheet competition for the award of the Bridger Cup.

Entries into this class to be a subject or theme and consist of stamps and other philatelic   material to illustrate the topic or theme.  This can include Aerophilately, Ephemera, Cinderellas and any other relevant material to illustrate the chosen subject or theme.

NOVICE BOWL   9 sheet competition for the award of the Chubb Bowl.

May be any of the above three disciplines and may be an exhibit in that discipline, but eligibility is restricted to any member who has not won a major award in any former competition in any Society. The Award can only be made once to any member in in this  category.

PICTURE POSTCARDS   9 sheet competition for the award of the Taylor Trophy.

Entries in the Picture Postcard class can be of either side of any such postcards, including postal stationery, envelopes and other cards. The display should aim to convey a theme or story.

THREE-PAGE   3 sheet competition for the award of the Ruby Trophy.

Entries into the Three Page class may be of any traditional discipline including Social philately, or may consist of exhibits that fall into no recognised class, but which have some philatelic connection.

Rules for Competition Entries
  1. Entry is open to all members with a limit of one entry per member, per class. Except for the Ruby Trophy all entries must be of nine sheets to fit the Societies frames in each of the disciplines.
  2. Exhibits must be the property of and compiled by the entrant.
  3. Exhibits must consist of original material, electronic reproductions and facsimiles except where items are used as cameos to augment the write up of the exhibit.
  4. All pages of the entry should be enclosed in protective sheets.
  5. The entrant must identify the display sequence number on the reverse of each sheet.
  6. Entrant’s name must not appear on the exhibit, nor should anyone identify exhibits until the judging is complete.
  7. Substantial material from the winning exhibits may not be entered in the same category in any subsequent competition for the following three years.
  8. Judging will normally be carried out by those present at the meeting (visitors may be permitted to participate in the judging process) who may mark in accordance with the marking system below, and will place the exhibits in rank order.
  9. The scoring will be as follows: 
    1. 1st place    10 points
    2. 2nd place    6  points
    3. 3rd place     3  points
  10. When external judges are employed, their decision will be final to the relative merits of the exhibits. Marking by external judges will be to a maximum of 100 in each discipline.
  11. The 1st, 2nd, & 3rd winner of each class also to receive money and/ or a voucher (value to be decided), together with a certificate.
  12. A trophy will be presented to the owner of the highest marked exhibit in each discipline. All trophies will be held for one year, but remain the property of the Society.